Spotlight: Gabrielle Gottfried – Fundraiser and Supporter of the Year 2013

The Staff and Board of Directors of Arquetopia are grateful to Gabrielle1549503_10152120240564704_1446858280_n Gottfried for her generosity, kindness, active and creative support of our Foundation. During this past summer, Gabby organized “Music for Murals,” a live music event with cultural activities, at the Glenbrook South School in Glenview, IL and donated all proceeds to Arquetopia. This was an unexpected and beautiful example of altruism, creating awareness and engaging young students in an international dialogue through the arts. For these reasons, Arquetopia recognizes Gabby as Fundraiser and Supporter of the Year for 2013. As a token of our extensive gratitude, Arquetopia is thrilled to award Gabby a Short-Term Research Residency in both of our spaces in Puebla and Oaxaca, southern Mexico for 2014.


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